Komiža, Island Vis, Croatia (Photo: Igor Bjažević Lula)

Can you hear how the sea
keeps silent?

The Beauty walks with
absolutely soundless steps.

Keep quiet people!

Turn off your television.
Throw away your newspapers.
Switch off your computer.

Bypass me.

Ugly things
rave loudly.

Don’t yell
beneath my window
about the world cataclysm.

Can you hear how the sea
keeps silent?

Today I’d like to be
without the electricity.

And happy.

Lets the scream of the seagull
be the only link
- and the requiem! -
between me and you,
you, who blabber about life
in the civilisation full of
loud dying.

Vinko Kalinić

(Translated by Darko Kotevski)